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Should I Have A Company Car through My Limited Company?

To many business owners the attraction of owning and running your own limited company is the benefit of being your own boss. And being your own boss allows you to make decision such as my employees should have company cars (you). We often get asked, almost on a daily basis can I run a company[…] Read more »

Has the announced dividend tax reduced the benefit of trading through a limited company?

Trading through a limited company means paying 20% on company profits, then drawing dividends up to the basic rate tax band, resulting in a nil personal tax bill. In George Osborneā€™s recent budget he announced a change to the way dividends were to be taxed. From 2016/17 there would be a 7.5% tax on dividends[…] Read more »

Benefits of Incorporation

When deciding to open a business, part of that decision is whether to incorporate. This means forming a limited company and trading through this as a vehicle for business. But what are the advantages of this? 1. Limited liability A company limited by shares means that the owners of the company have limited liability. This[…] Read more »

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